I’ve been born a race car driver

Trained to speed, acceleration and power

My fast-paced life is all I maneuver

Neither would I take a stopover.

Tumult of car engines, I heard them all

Gone to all places, I never stall

Get up speed, boost, feel the rush

This is sport, for gold or for trash

Wave of the signal, start and go

Wide race lanes, all race cars do

I left them all off at rear

I’m wearing pride as my gear.

Skidded past all hunchback slopes

Stomped away my opponents’ hopes

I won the game, the race I say

Wore my medal, winner of the day

How come when I started off again

To head for home and start again

Gust of horror arose me,

 A bend on the road, it broke my knee

Pensive still for my earnest craft

Drove still my car, “straight,” is what I muttered

Self-belief is what I mustered.

Body is willing, my soul is weak

How stupid I am, I was tricked

Famed racer I am to quote

But a turn in the road, I didnt sought

Energy declining, soul is withering

I came to face my life is really losing

I reeled my car to the narrow road

Realized, “God is indeed my turning point.”