If we only got ONE month to live, what are we going to do differently?

I heard this tough question raised in a Sunday service message held yesterday in CCF. The messenger, Edric Mendoza, even asked a tougher follow-up question and it went like this:

Knowing the things we would do differently, what prevents us from doing them so?

Folks, yes. It is really easier to answer the first question. Our answers might depend on how we prioritize things in life. I myself would at a quick run answer that I will try to achieve my dreams and tell people I value how much I love them. Perhaps, some would probably answer that they’d take an indefinite leave of absence from work and spend all their money to life’s pleasures! You might be thinking, “I only have 30 days left, huh, why won’t I make the best out of it?”

However, these are the kinds of questions in life which requires not a quick answer. These questions were asked and meant for us to think twice, thrice and possibly many times about how we are to live our life here on earth.

If a car’s useful life could be gauged in its mileage, man’s life is measured by his time. And like a precious resource such as water or gold, time is a very precious commodity. In as much as there is no currency ever invented in this world that would allow us to buy time, much more so plenty of it, we could never take it back nor recycle it once it has been lost.

Such is the mystery of man’s life here on earth that even Moses, who had a full life on earth declared this prayer to God in his last days:

Psalm 90:12 So give us knowledge of the number of our days, that we may get a heart of wisdom.

Moses knew that the only and greatest counsel that a man could ever seek and find is of God’s. Before the mountains were made, before the earth was birthed into existence, even before time began, God is (Psalm 90:2). And he also recognized that man is but nothing in this earth — dust (v. 3), exposed (v. 8), fleeting (v. 9) and vulnerable to hurt and problems (v. 10).

Like Moses, we should practice to have a heart that desires wisdom above all else, the kind of wisdom given by God Himself who knows everything. We should number our days here on earth, always ready whenever God calls us home to Himself someday. And in this, our prayer should be:

Lord, teach us to number our days, knowing that gaining wisdom from You equates to desiring to obey you fully. Allow us to live passionately, love completely and learn humbly. Will in us what You so desire. In Jesus’ sweetest Name, Amen!