Waiting for a ride home after office hours is probably one of the things I really hate to do. Just imagine spending a good 30 minutes, oftentimes up to an hour or so, waiting in line. Add up to the agony of thinking you are tired and sleepy and hungry and just want to eat chicken and pizza and salad and…

Even now that I am writing this, I am waiting in a table for two at MCDO for my manager who went out of way to buy something in the mall. Haha! The irony of life.

My lunch while waiting

Out of my extreme boredom (OK I will admit it, irritation is the correct term here), I came to ask myself why do I have a very short rope when it comes to waiting?

It is easy to say that I am patient enough to wait. But when the situation comes that requires me to wait, my mind won’t accept. Even to the littlest of events like waiting for taxi, waiting in line for the cashier in the supermarket or even waiting for people I will meet in a particular place send signals of irritation and impatience to me. It is no wonder that I am having a difficult time when it comes to waiting for things that are bigger, greater and more significant.

Waiting while posing (HAHA!)

As a single woman, it came to dawn on me that I cannot persist in this gap called waiting.

I am waiting for a lot of bigger, greater and more significant things. I wait on my dreams to finally be fulfilled. I wait on myself to realize its full potential. I wait on my one true love.