#2 Describe a moment or a day when being single really sucked.

It was late at night and I was going home alone from the office. I was really terribly hungry so I decided to eat.

After several musings on where I would eat, I settled in a restaurant serving spicy sisig. Upon entering, what I immediately noticed was a pattern in the other patrons eating there—most customers came and were eating in pairs, couples.

I was the only lone customer there with no companion. HAHA!

Awkwardly, I felt an urge to just step back, head to the door and leave. Out of timidity? More so, out of the question boggling in my mind,

Am I different?

Instantaneously, my rebelling stomach took over me and I decided to just find a vacant table and sit and eat and leave. Funny, as I was sitting there waiting for my food to come, I can’t help myself observing the couples in the other tables.

How would it be different if I came here with my God’s Best?

I guess I wouldn’t know the answer until it dawned on me.

What is the most I can do is to eat my food… Alone. 😂