Every new year, people seem to have this I-Will-Change-For-The-Better mood that they even write their “resolutions”. What are resolutions? These are the list of things that we want to do, not do or do differently for the new year. We list these things, most of time, ending up to be just broken and unfulfilled just like the other new years.

Same story.

Even myself, I am guilty of doing this every single year. I even remember listing “to lose weight” once but right after writing those resolutions, the drive to do such were tucked away in a corner as I eat pizza, fries and cupcakes.

Today, I realized that there is nothing wrong in doing these stuff. In fact, we should be doing this not just every year but as much as we can. But what I discovered in my quiet time with the Lord today is that we have enough knowledge of the things we want to do but lack the correct drive or motivation to do so.

On New Year's Resolutions

John 13:3-5 Jesus, being conscious that the Father had put everything into his hands, and that he came from God and was going to God, got up from table, put off his robe and took a cloth and put it round him. Then he put water into a basin and was washing the feet of the disciples and drying them with the cloth which was round him.

We can learn a very effective motivation for us to do the things we ought to do. Jesus, who knew that He was about to die, did the weirdest thing to his disciples. He washed their feet!

Let us peek at what the heart of Christ is. Jesus, being God Himself, acknowledged that everything He needs and has has been given to Him by the Father. Just imagine the God of all creation acknowledging the Father for giving into His hands everything He needed! Not just that. Jesus realized that He came from God and was going back to God.

We can learn many things from this kind of heart Jesus has:

Everything we have in our hands now came from God. There is nothing we brought into this world when we were born.

Even the very life we have came from God and we are going back to Him someday.

We cannot boast anything to God. All our talents, abilities and gifts came from Him.

Knowing all these things, we can emulate what Jesus did with that knowledge. He gave back everything to the Father!

Give back everything to God!

The least we can do is to give back everything to God! Jesus, who is God Himself, has everything in His hands. Yet in His godly desire to give back to the Father, He stooped down to be a servant to many.

Jesus proved that He came to this world not to be served but to serve.

By washing the feet of His disciples, Jesus set an example of forgiveness and service to us. He implied that as followers of Him, we are no greater than our Master.

God gave us everything so we can freely give it away to others.

On a personal level, God has blessed me with these things: family, friends, job, Dgroup, money, talent in writing/baking/cooking, soft heart, forgiveness, love, leadership and my life. As a new year’s resolution, I listed what I should do with each gift I received from my Father.

How about you? List yours now. Isn’t it even better to do the list emulating what Jesus did and setting Him as our motivation to fulfill our goals? 👆

Lord, thank You for setting an example of how it is to receive and give away. Thank You for showing us how to be grateful. May our simple way of giving back to You everything glorify and please You! In Jesus’ Name, amen!

Kathy ❤