Human beings are generally emotional. We are creatures who meaningfully feel and sense. This character sets us distinct from all creation. Animals can feel but are only limited to what their senses capture. They survive and thrive mostly through instinct. We human beings are different. 

This unique ability sets us to an advantage. We are capable to care. We are capable to love. But this ability also placed us at a disadvantage. 

Our emotions, if not always, generally causes us to sin. When negative emotions are continuously fed, it almost always lead to a thought. Then this thought, paves the way to sin. And this sin, when matured, gives birth to death. Our emotions are simply manifestations of man’s inherent desires. We all have desires. And these desires needed to be tamed and captivated so it will not lead us astray to sin.

In the Bible, Jesus told of a story in Matthew 7 about two men who built their houses on two (2) different foundations. The wise one built his house on the rock. The foolish one built his house on the sand. The winds blew, rain fell and floods came. Only one house remained standing!

I have seen this truth to be so prevalent in my life. See, I am a single woman whose emotions are usually fighting and demanding its way to be felt, noticed and acted upon. 

Like the 2 men who built their houses, for many instances in my life I have built my house on the sand. Our houses can represent a decision, a relationship or our life, in general. Because of the innate desires in my heart, I have built decisions, relationships and my life around my emotions. My decisions, actions in relationships and my life was dictated by how I feel. Later did I realize that I have been building my “house” on sand —sinking sand–as I looked upon everything shattered and scattered in pieces to the ground.

I thought my house was strong enough to withstand the winds, rains and floods of life. But no matter how sturdy the materials I use, if my house stands on a ground as porous as the sand, I will always fall…

For me, it took several wasted decisions and broken relationships before I came to realize the problem. You see, when things don’t go our way, we always assume in default mode that maybe, we are yearning for the wrong things and desires. But in my case, most of these decisions and relationships were actually good in themselves. 

What sets the line between the wise and foolish is on the ground on which they chose to build upon their decisions and relationships. 

There came a breaking point in my life when I woke up to the reality of my sinfulness and foolishness. It was during this time when I surrendered 100% of my life to Jesus. You see, I am a follower of Christ for years but I have kept God in a box for some aspects of my life. I limited God. I made Him Lord over my family and ministry but I kept my lordship over my personal life. Eventually, I got tired of this pointless living. I gave up. I bended my will to God. I surrendered to Jesus. 

It was right after when God put me at the crossroads again. Faced with the same issues, I was amazed that I was able to discern and respond properly. Thus, I was able to decide and act upon a decision wisely and get good results! 

When I stood my ground on the solid Rock that is Jesus Christ, the house I built withstood the violent shakings of the winds of testing. 

Firmly standing on the basis of truth about God and not on my fickle emotions saved me from tremendous heartaches and possible broken relationships. Being wise enough to build my “house” on solid ground really paid off! I can smile widely, knowing that wherever I go and stand, as long as I am upon the Rock that is greater than I, I am safe and secure. To God be the glory!  

How about you? Where are you grounded?