Step out of the boat!

One of the great signs performed by Jesus Christ during His brief stay with His disciples was when He walked on water. This miraculous feat left the disciples in awe and fear of Him. 
But what amazes me, as a 21st century believer, is the account on which a full man, Peter, was able to duplicate this feat! In Matthew 14 verses 28 to 29, we see a very unbelievable event took place:

Peter was able to walk on water, just like Jesus! 

If I were Peter, I would never forget that moment in my life when I actually broke all laws of science and nature! Gee, he just literally walked over the water surface! 

But just 1 verse further, we see a change of events. Peter sank! I can’t deny that I laughed at it in my imagination. Talk about breaking the hype! If I were Peter, I would have responded in the same way he had: I would cry out to the One still standing on the water! 

In the context of our life, we are faced with so many circumstances in every aspect that seem impossible or even unbelievable. You want a job but you lack confidence to embark on it. You dreamed of publishing a book but lack the inspiration to even write a page. You know you want to pursue the girl of your dreams but lack the courage to even befriend her. See, there are many feats in life that seem too big for us, so much larger than ourselves that we often do not attempt to even pursue them. 

Just like Peter, the first step he had to make when he took on that unbelievable feat was to set his heart on it and decide. Gleaning on verse 28, we see Peter asking Jesus to confirm Himself by calling him out to the water towards Him. It was not Jesus who gave Peter that idea; Peter was decided in the first place to walk towards Jesus. Peter only wanted the assurance and leading from Jesus! Had Peter not boldly exclaimed this, how much different the story would be. 

Think about that dream that God has planted in your heart. Think about that situation you wanted to overcome. Think about the business venture you have been wanting to start. Think about that difficult person you wanted to reach out to. Think about your desire to heal from a broken heart. Think about your own seemingly impossible personal feats. Then ask yourself this question:

Do you want to walk on water? 

To feel the gravity of this question, try replacing the phrase “walk on water” with that seemingly impossible feat you have.

Do you want to overcome that difficult situation? 

Do you want to start that business venture? 

Do you want to write a book? 

Do you want to pursue that girl? 

Do you want to reach out to that difficult person? 

Do you want to heal your broken heart? 

Do you want to pursue that dream God has planted in your heart? 

Do you really want to “walk on water”?

It starts by deciding to and then asking Jesus to confirm it to you. God will confirm it to you, especially if you earnestly seek Him in prayer and if the things we ask are in His perfect will for us. He will answer through His Word. He will answer through the godly people around you. He will answer through your circumstances.

When God answers (notice, I do not use “if” here because God surely answers) you, be it a yes, no or wait, we have to be ready to heed. 

Should God answer your question like what Peter received, “Come. Come towards me over this waters,” how should we respond in faith? 

  1. Get out of the boat. Your decision to walk on water won’t even matter if you choose to stay inside the boat despite God’s leading for you to come. Your boat could be a comfort zone, a false security or a pointless relationship. Sometimes, your distance to the fulfillment of your dreams is only one step away. Take that one step. Step out of the boat! 
  2. Don’t listen to those negative people inside the boat. It was not written explicitly in Matthew’s account but I would like to imagine the scene when Peter was asking Jesus to call him out onto the water. Some disciples might have tried to discourage Peter. Some might have even tried to rationalize to him. Or maybe, they were thinking that Peter is out of his mind! When God says, “Go!” nobody can say “no” as the song goes. When you have confirmed from the Lord that He wants you to step out of the boat, no matter how irrational it may seem to other unbelieving people around you, you have to trust Him. 
  3. Walk on water. The moment you decided to embark on God’s calling for you is the moment when you will be exhilarated by the power God gives you. Walking on water will amaze you! But God will be the most amazed of all as He sees you walking on the path that He has called you into. Pursue that dream. Make it happen! 
  4. Walk towards Jesus. Don’t be directionless! Remember that you are walking on water not of your own accord but because of Who called you out upon the waters. When you walk on water, walk towards Jesus. Pursue that dream, overcome that feat with the goal of seeing Jesus at the end. Glorify God by walking towards His Son. 
  5. Don’t look to the boisterous winds. Peter was having the time of his life walking on water. But the moment he removed his gaze upon Jesus and looked at the winds and the waves, he sank! The key here is not to ignore the fact that challenges will arise when you pursue a dream but where we choose to focus on. Fix your eyes on Jesus. He is the perfecter of our faith. Walking on water, like Christianity, is not easy. It is impossible. But if we fix our eyes on Jesus, the trials of life won’t drown us.
  6. Enjoy the view from the other side. When you get to the other side of the sea, enjoy the view from there. With Jesus by your side, look out at the fragile boat you came from. Look out at the stormy seas you endured. And thank Him for walking you through it all.

    My prayer is that in your joy as you get to the other side of the ocean, you may boldly and excitedly tell others of the feat you conquered. Tell others that you walked on water. And when you tell them your story, don’t forget the One who called you out to the other side of that dream. Tell them that His Name is Jesus! 


    Kathy 💓