I am an introverted but relational type of person. I love doing things mostly by myself though I also constantly long for deep friendships and relationships. I love doing stuff like painting, making music, writing and cooking. I do it especially when I want these emotions inside me to be expressed. 

I play the guitar. I really did not take any formal lessons for it. I just learned and understood a part of it. As I am the musician who doesn’t play “by the ear”, it frustrates me sometimes when I wanted to play a certain song but I just can’t make it sound like the song should. I search the internet for variations in the chords just to make it sound right. I play it over and over again until I can sing along. Or until my fingers hurt. I have the luxury of time to practice until I get the notes right.

See, I have that capacity for trying a thing, failing on it and starting over and over and over again until I get it right.

But when it comes to matters and decisions on life and love, it is costly to start over again.

I realize that there are so many things in life, big or small, that we try or venture out yet fail miserably. And in so many instances, there are disappointments, heartbreaks and mistakes that cannot be written nor tried again. Or it can be, but will take a long period of time, energy and effort to undo or untangle the mess. 

Lost friendships are hard to restore. Broken families take tremendous humility to be built again. Failed dreams take money and energy to be pursued again. Broken hearts take time to heal. 

But difficulty doesn’t mean that “starting over again” is impossible. 

What does it mean to start over again?

“Donʼt be alarmed,” he said. “You are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified. He has risen! He is not here. See the place where they laid him. (Mark 16:6 NIV)

I cannot think of any best example of starting over again than the image of Jesus risen again on the 3rd day. He has not just “started over again” His life, but He has actually given us a point of reference for “starting over again.”

At this age (I am 25 years old as of this writing), I can say that I already have my fair share of life’s and love’s disappointments, frustrations and mistakes. I experienced death of a parent at an early age. I experienced seeing my mother slowly pass away to cancer. I experienced seeing my family crumble because of pride. I experienced seeing my dreams being buried to the ground. I experienced having my heart broken. I have been battling depression for almost 2 years now. 

See, I am oftentimes tempted to just lay in my bed and cry away my heart’s disappointments. Doing nothing and accepting defeat is definitely easier than striving to start over again.

But I learned that doing nothing and accepting defeat costs me a lot in the same way that starting over again does. Yet what strikes the difference is in the significance of my intention. 

I can choose to go to the grave defeated or I can choose to go to Heaven, scarred and calloused by life, victorious. 

Starting over again can mean differently for everyone. I do not know your story and the struggles you are going through, but I can only share with you the hope I have that is in Jesus Christ. He has overcome the grave and paved our way to “starting over again.” 

Only then when I remember that I must live for the One who died and risen for me that I know how to start over again the things in my life. 

I am willing to start over and over again. Jesus won’t count how many times I fell on the race track. Jesus will measure how wide His smile is when I get to the finish line of the race He marked out for me. 

Run the race, my friend! Start over again!