Who holds your heart?

It is one great task to hold your own heart. 
In the intricacies of the life we live in today, it is quite a challenging yet fulfilling goal to be able to hold onto your heart and guard it well. Proverbs 4:23 says that we have to guard our hearts well above anything else for from it overflows everything that we do.

Let us unpack that single yet profound nugget of Scripture. When I meditate on this verse, I cannot help but ask myself:

What is in my heart that makes it very precious that I have to guard it like a diamond in a gem chest? 

See, our heart is often called the wellspring of our life. Our heart does not refer simply to the physical blood-pumping organ inside our chest. Our hearts, according to the Bible, is more than that. From this wellspring in our being flows out everything that we do. And when we ponder on it, we can see that as human beings, we are all driven by something. This something called desire rests deeply within the folds of our hearts, lying in wait to be fed and fulfilled. 

That is why, all our decisions and actions in life root mainly in our hearts’ desires. These desires create in us the thought, then we may not notice it, but soon enough, we are acting based on our thoughts. And so the feelings follow. 

Certainly, our hearts keep its buried treasures called desires within us. But then, though how precious our hearts may seem, it also has the most dangerous capability to deceive and destroy us. Jeremiah 17:9 tells us that the heart is deceitful above everything. It is desperately sick and beyond cure. Is there a man who can understand it?

In as much as our desires are not all that bad, we must also be aware that there is an inherent rebellious self still living within us. This is our sinful nature that pops its ugly head in our lives. Our hearts can deceive us into believing everything as the truth. Our hearts can destroy even our own desires and passions. So another good question to ask is this:

Knowing all these things, am I really capable of holding my own heart?

I am a no-boyfriend-since-birth type of woman. And when I hear of so many great love stories, I realize that it is never a joke to deal with another person’s heart.

In the moments that I thought that holding my own heart is already a great responsibility in itself, I realized that it is an even greater responsibility to hold someone’s heart. But this greater responsibility also gives the holder a great honor.

Yet, it is already God Himself who concluded that no man could ever understand nor comprehend the heart. It is the Lord who searches the heart and the mind (Jeremiah 17:10). Even I have no capability to understand my own heart, much more for another person.

I have decided to let the One who can hold my heart well hold it for me. He will never let it go broken without meaning or promise of redemption. He deserves the honor of holding my heart. His Name is Jesus.

How about you? Who holds your heart?
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