Take baby steps to healing.

I know you were hurt. 

I know how you fell and stumble over the mess of your broken heart. I heard of how desperate you tried to cling onto the faintest glimmer of hope that the relationship was not over yet. I heard you always cried your self to sleep at night, with only your pillows drenched in fresh tears to testify.

Get up. Decide to be better. Let go. Move on.

Even if it will mean taking small, baby steps. As long as you are moving forward, walk baby steps towards healing. Like a baby learning how to walk, you can learn how to love and dignify yourself again. It doesn’t matter if you will crawl in the beginning. Crawl, if you must. Take hold of sturdy furnitures to help you stand up. Be with the people who love you the most. Get alone with God. Take hold of their hands. Their love and support will help you stand again.

And once you stand up, do not be afraid to take a step. Even a tiny baby step will get you somewhere. What matters most is that you have already avenged your former desperate self by taking that first step. Take another step. And another step again.

You may fall down. You may bump along chairs and tables. It is okay. You only fell. Maybe you had your knee scratched a little. It will scar but it will heal. But get up again. Stand up again and walk. 

There is no other better pathway to healing a broken heart than letting go of whatever or whoever hurt you. And once you let go, decide to move past all the things that scarred you. It doesn’t mean that all those are worthless but it is what you do after that breaking situation that will give everything meaning. 

Believe that you can walk again. Like a baby venturing out fearlessly onto the unknown pathways of life, you can walk again. Walk forward. 

And believe me, one day, I will see you running with a smile.