First Paoo Planning Meeting, Jan. 20, 2016, CCF Center

It has been a year since this photo was taken last Jan 20, 2016 in CCF Main. After this kick-off meeting with Mother She (our Aqua discipleship group network leader), where each of us were tasked and commissioned to be part of a committee, we all set off to break out in smaller planning meetings afterwards. 

Committees were formed such as small group, large group, logistics, food, sponsorships, finance and documentation. The committees were created in such a way that each member will be able to use her talent/gift and to help the outreach operate in a smooth manner. Since Paoo was originally planned to be a monthly outreach ministry of our dgroup network, each one’s abilities will really be maximized and used for God’s greater glory. 

Paoo kids holding up the greatest gift we can give them, the Word of God

What is Shine Paoo? It is an outreach ministry hosted by Aqua, a women’s discipleship group in CCF, who are Christ-committed followers committed to disciple the next generation in Brgy. Paoo, Santa Maria, Laguna every month so they will shine for Jesus. It aims to reach out to children and their families, aged 13 below, and to minister to them not only spiritually but also physically, emotionally and materially. If you happen to follow my blog, you may also read about it here (My First Mission Outreach: Paoo 1 of 12)

Christ-committed follower making Christ-committed followers of the next generation
Young boys discipled by godly men

What have we done so far? Among the things that Shine Paoo has done, by God’s grace, is firstly to share the message of salvation through Jesus Christ to the children. Also, kids were being discipled and taught the things that Jesus taught when He gave us the Great Commission. We were also equally blessed to be able to support them through feeding as well as giving the children their school supplies when the school year opened.

Art and hygiene lessons were also held. Christmas gift-giving was also successfully held at the end of the year. Largely, Shine Paoo has been a catalyst to produce selected children who will be leaders of the next generation of Christ-committed followers who will make Christ-committed followers. 

Amazing grace, how sweet this SMILE!
Pass the ball, pass the baton, point them to Jesus

Since then, it has been part of our prayers and dgroups the planning as well as helping in this outreach. As the Lord adds to the number of the kids attending monthly, the group of volunteers also grew and has opened up doors of service as well to other dgroups, relatives and friends. 

In their hands are the greatest weapons we have
God loves the little children with childlike faith

Who provided for us? Each month, we have proven that when the Lord calls us to do something, it is He who is doing it through us. As such, anything then could be possible. As the Lord leads, He will surely provide for it. And we were not bound to be disappointed as God sent us generous sponsors and donors who graciously and willingly gave resources to the Paoo kids. To all our sponsors, thank you! God will surely bless your hands! 

Tagalog bibles from one of our sponsors
Durable school bags graciously given by sponsors
What’s in their bags?

What did we learn by far? Who are we but limited, crusted and sometimes broken jars made of clay. But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us (2 Corinthians 4:7). We are blessed beyond measure by this work that the Lord has entrusted upon us. The grace of Jesus Christ shines so brightly because He chose to place His treasures in jars of clay. His work all the more glorifies the Father as the world will witness how we, such broken vessels, are able to produce the fruits of service that Jesus empowered us to do.

Fellowship among volunteers, GROUFIE!
At your service!

We are not more than just jars of clay on whom God has filled with treasures of His love to the brim, overflowing, that we have to give it away. What a wonderful thought! 

How do you brush your teeth?
Lord, teach us how to pray
Happy birthday!

What do we look forward to? This 2017, as we join our hearts, talents and resources, we pray for more productive and meaningful year with the children of Brgy. Paoo. We also pray for more fertile hearts for the seed of the gospel to be planted on that it may bear fruit a hundredfold. We also look forward to seeing the volunteers grow, not just in number, but also in spiritual maturity. 

View going to Paoo
Happy to serve!
Thank you for the opportunity to serve!

Do you want to be part of this movement? We believe that this calling is not just meant to be kept in us but shared as a burden among many. You can partner with us 3 ways: 

  1. Pray. You can intercede for this work so it will reach more people and saturate the community with more Jesus followers. Pray for provisions and purity among the volunteers. Pray that the evil one do not snatch away the seeds planted among the children.
  2. Sponsor. You can help the children and community of Paoo by pledging your help, in cash or in kind. Let us know of anything that the Lord burdens your heart. You may follow us in Facebook page (Shine Paoo Outreach) and also this blog for updates on what is happening in Paoo. You can shoot us a personal message. 
  3. Volunteer. We need hands! Let us know if you or someone you know wants to volunteer his time and talents in serving the Paoo community.

Truly, where your heart is, there your treasure will be also. ๐Ÿ’œ


The writer is also a volunteer of Shine Paoo. If you have questions, you can leave a comment below! Thanks! ๐Ÿ’œ