To you,

I don’t want to deny this anymore so I am telling you:

I like you. 

I really, really like you. It is funny how I try to deny myself these curious feelings about you but I cannot mask my own heart. I like you from the moment I saw how beautiful your heart is. 

I like how you express yourself in so many witty ways. You are sensible. You are perfectly imperfect. You are handsome in your own way. You have a heart for God. And I like that. I really, really like that. 

I wonder how come this heart of mine which came from a very terrible mess of brokenness suddenly felt elated at the thought of you. I literally felt like flying, jumping and leaping on clouds of joy. I do not know you on a deeper, intimate level. But I want to know you. If only we would be given the chance…

I like you. But I will tell you now, I am not waiting on you. Because no matter how exploding these feelings of amusement and curiousity that I have now for you, I cannot go beyond this without you taking our acquiantance into a deeper kind of friendship. I like you but I am not waiting on you because I am waiting on “The One” God has kept me for and delayed me for.

How I wish and pray in my heart of hearts that it would be you. But until then that it will be revealed, I can only admire you from the farthest distance that we have now. 
I will surrender these feelings to Jesus because He holds my heart. 

I like you a lot. Continue being a man of God. 

Until then,