To you,
I am resting now in my bed in my little apartment room. And I can’t stop thinking about you. 

I miss you.

Though I do not know or behold your face, I miss you. What are you doing right now? Have you eaten, my love? Are you also thinking about me?

Is it possible to miss someone you haven’t even met?

I am trying not to think about you too often. Because the more that I give myself chances of thinking about how beautiful your heart is, I miss you all the more. It makes me want to run across the world, pull the time, so we can finally meet and know each other. 

I do not know how near or how far you are. But you are near my heart now. I long for you. I long to know you. I long to look at your eyes under the star-spangled night sky. I long to hold your hands as the warm summer breeze embrace us. I long for you as a child trying to remember in reality the beautiful dream she has while asleep. 

I just can’t believe that my heart grows more fonder of you. Each day is a day which brings us closer and closer. You are one of the reasons why I can wake up every morning with a smile on my face. You are one of the reasons why God has kept me this far. 

Stay still, beloved. For the meantime, let us write our stories separately. Let us travel places separately. Let us pursue our dreams separately. And at the right time, right place, when we are both right and complete in God, our stories, adventures and dreams will become one.

I pray that you are seeking Jesus today. I pray that you see how beautiful His heart is. I pray that you see the way He loved. 

I am praying for you, as sure as there is time and the sun is rising in the east. 

Missing you,

Kathy 💜