He came
In the most unexpected season
A light pouring of rain
One summer day

He is
A special stranger
One I met for the first time
Yet he felt too familiar

He is
A cup of hot chocolate
On a cold, stormy night

He is
A music beyond compare
Too familiar
Like my own beating heart

He is 
A very beautiful song
The one that I sing about at night
Until I fall asleep

He is
A picture that speaks
A thousand words at once
Evoking memories

He is
The setting of the sun
Painted my days
In vivid yellow

I am
An unsuspecting passerby
Bumped along him
Saw he is familiar

I am
A cold, stormy night
Encapsulating the vapors
Of a warm chocolate drink

I am
My own beating heart
Strumming along
His familiar music

I am
A soft pillow
Witness to the many songs
Sung about him

I am 
The hues and colors 
Masking the sadness
Of the setting sun

This is a poem
That does not speak happy endings
Nor till death do us part
Because it will soon be over

This is a poem
About regrets
And words left unsaid
Between two strangers

This is a poem
To remind you
Of that someone who colored your world
And created music with you

This is a poem
To remind you
If you have that someone
Never let them go