Sunset in Antipolo, Rizal, December 2016

She likes him.

She did not even saw it coming, but she likes him. Her friends laughed at her for feeling this way, but she did not mind because she knew that they never felt this way. She liked him from the first moment he said hello. She liked him like how she liked chocolates. 

He likes her. 

He was not even prepared when she came to his life. She came raining down his life like the first few showers during the month of May. He liked her since the day she said her name. He liked her like how he liked noodles. 

She likes him but she is afraid. 

She is afraid of the possibilities of life with him. She is dangling her feet over the cliff’s edge, measuring how high she will fall before she can get to the refreshing waters below. She wanted the feeling of being in the air, suspended for a while but too afraid to fall. She is afraid that he would be just like the previous man who hurt her. She is afraid that she would not be enough for him. She is afraid to be happy again. She is afraid that it would not last long. She likes him but she is too afraid. 

He likes her but he is scared. 

He is scared of telling her about how he feels. He is sitting on the shores, testing how fierce the waves would become. He wanted to swim the vast expanse of the sea and feel the waters lift him up but he is too scared to drown again. He is afraid that she might be overwhelmed by his love. He is scared that she might run away and disappear from his life. He is scared to hurt her again. He is scared to try. He likes her but he is too afraid. 

How will these two people ever meet? Or, will they ever meet halfway? Is it too much? Is it too soon? When will love be enough to cover all their fears?

I tell you now, this is what happens when two afraid people fall in love. What a waste of chance! The saddest feeling in the world is loving someone and not being able to tell them about it. So the next time you fall in love, let your love be greater than your fears. Who knows, your one shot at the words “forever” and “always” might be one phone call away…