He asked himself, “What did I do in life to deserve this woman?” And he found nothing because he realized one thing:

She is a gift to him.

And gifts are given to you without you first deserving it. 

Today, I am writing my another look on what I dream of and see about love. If you happen to read this as someone who is in an exclusive romantic relationship with an opposite sex or is married, please take heed. If you are like me, a single person will greatly benefit from these ideas. 

Listen, when you see the person you are in a relationship with as a gift to you, you will realize how blessed and lucky you are. 

Let us describe first a gift so we have a common context. A gift is something freely given to you by someone who has paid for the cost to purchase the gift for you. A gift is only a gift once you receive it from the giver. Once you receive the gift, you, as the receiver, has all in your hands to use, abuse, enjoy, or take good care of it. 

Can you just imagine what might happen in your relationships when you think of the person you are with as a gift? Are you the kind of receiver who uses, enjoys and takes good care of the gift you receive? Or are you the kind who uses and abuses the gift because you think you can always receive another one?

Come to think of it. Men, the women in your lives are gifts to you. If you happen to have taken hold of her heart and hands, think of her as a gift that even your effort and affection was not enough to purchase her love. It may have contributed, yes, but you are holding her now because she has paid dearly for the price. Her decision to willingly place her heart in your hands was the purchase price of her love. Her decision was costly. You did not deserve her. But she loved and chose you. And you are blessed! Women, the men in your lives are gifts to you. You maybe reading this as someone who has a man to take good care of you, love you and cherish you as a woman. Remember that you did not had anything sufficient to buy his gift of love for you. You may say your inner beauty or your kindness has won him out but that is not the price tag of his love. You see, when he has made the decision to shower all his love and affection to you only and by closing all the doors except the one leading to you, he has paid much. You did not deserve him. But he cherished and loved you. You are blessed! 

Tanay, Rizal, January 2017

But the problem with gifts is that they are almost always taken for granted. Since you have not paid for the full price to get it, you neglect it as the gift it has to be and most often, abuse it in such a way that you won’t recognize it anymore. How sad it is for the giver then, who has paid dearly to give you such gift of love? What is amazing about the gift of love is that it can always be replenished through the right care. It will not exhaust but will continue to give out love when cultivated. But if you will not, this gift may be taken away from you, or if not taken away, you may still have it in your hands but never enjoy it anymore. 

Personally, it gives my heart a flutter when I imagine the man I am to be with forever and always as a gift to me. It even excites me more to think of myself and my heart freely given to him someday. I want to look him in the eyes and be able to tell him that I treasure him and his love for the gift that they are and hear him say it back again to me. 

How about you? Have you opened the gift called love? If yes, remember not to take it for granted. 

>>Kathy đź’ś