Last night, I was planning to deactivate from all my social media accounts for one basic reason:

It will be Mothers’ Day and my newsfeeds will be filled again with people’s posts and selfies with their mothers. 

I don’t want to be so cruel to myself that is why most of the times, I opt to run away from situations that might make me cringe, think or cry. And this is one of those times. 

To give the benefit of the doubt for some of you who happens to read this, please understand that I already lost my mom to cancer 2 years ago. And whose child really move on from such a heartbreak? 

2 years ago before she left

However, I chose not to deactivate, after much thinking last night before sleep finally took over me. I realized that the occasion is really not about me or what I feel but it is about honoring our mothers and all the motherly figures in our life. 

So, here are 10 reasons why I love my mother (and why you should love your mothers, too, if they are still with you now):

She is my mother and I love her just because of that. No qualifications. No conditions. There are things that I can choose for myself in this lifetime but I never get to choose whose womb shall I come from, whose hands shall I be taken care of and whose heart shall I be loved most. I never chose my mother and she never gets to choose me as a daughter but she loved me. 

She understands my heart even with words unspoken. I wonder if there is an invisible cord that attaches her ears to my heart. She understands me from the words I speak to the point of my utter silence. 

She is sacrificial to the point of hurting. She will never tell you she is tired or weary from everything but she will just continue to do whatever needs to be done. And she is actually not doing it out of sheer duty but is doing it out of love for those she serves and loves. 

She makes every effort to let her children smile. My mother is like that. She made every single effort to make me laugh or smile (because I am not usually the type who smiles a lot). Be it food, chocolates or funny anecdotes, she will do it just to see our laugh/smile. 

She is very proud of her children. It may come as a result of our achievements in school, a great basketball game, a cute artwork or simply nice comments from other people, her heart exudes with pride and gladness at the thought of her children doing well and being better persons of themselves. 

She can be a fighter when it comes for her children. Like a mother hen who will do everything just to keep all her chicks safe under her wings, she knows how to fight for her children. Her heart is at a constant rollercoaster ride until I get home safely at night. 

She taught me a lot in life. She is one of the foundational blocks who contributed a lot to who I am now and what I am capable to do. I got her cooking skills. Budgeting skills. Decision-making skills. Sewing skills. Being concerned in everything. Doing things out of love. Loving. Name it, surely she influenced me a lot. 

She supports my dreams. She gives her 100% support for everything that I chose to venture on, be it in school, work, hobby or business. I remember when I tried to form my own band in high school, she even watched us play during a contest! She believes a lot in me even when I do not always believe in myself. She is my number 1 fan. 

She wants my best interest. There are times when she won’t allow me to do things that I deem to be good or best for myself. And I did not understand why until she was gone. I came to realize that she always wanted my best interest and did not want me to be led astray by wrong motives or emotions. She is one God-appointed authority in my life. 

She always prayed for me. I can always sleep soundly at night after seeing her in the silence with her lips moving in prayers. And she always prays for her children because she knows that she can only do as much as her body can do but God can do so much more. 

    So, this is how a daughter who already lost her mother celebrate Mothers’ Day. I will go about my day with a smile on my face knowing that eventhough my mother is not physically here with me on earth, she is in a much better place. And she was never gone, actually. She stayed in my heart. 

    How about you? What are the things you love about your mother? Share them with me too! 

    >>Kathy 💜