I want to share with you a photo I took last Sunday that struck home to my heart. 

So, what happened is I travelled all the way from Manila to Quezon real quick after my shift at work because I wanted to visit and finally meet for the first time my blogger friend who is based in Cebu because of her medical studies. I really had no definite intentions what to do there. I just wanted to see her and chat since it is her school break. So that was what happened. Like long-time friends, we chatted for hours about topics ranging from family, life in general, Jesus, and love. 

Going back to the photo above, I was bound to leave at 2pm on Sunday. After taking a refreshing shower and changing clothes appropriate for travel, I returned to her room where my stuff were. I was in the room already for about ten minutes and I was wondering where my friend was. As I was not wearing my eyeglasses, I did not easily notice it when I realized that something was actually written for me on her decorative shelf. 


Naliligo lang ako (: 

– jem

There was nothing fancy nor mushy about what she wrote but the note actually ministered to my spirit because it reminded me of a very fundamental truth about God. 

God is here, both in doctrine and manifest truth, whether my spiritual heart sees Him or not. 

I am currently in the season of my life when I am really having a difficult time sensing where God is. Though I know by head knowledge that He is everywhere, I have a hard time believing and grasping it. My heart has been calloused by pain, sin and complacency that it made my heart as hard as stone. And being the type of woman that needs to be always reassured, it makes me panic and anxious when I see myself left alone. 

But with this note, I was reminded again. It was like a light bulb was switched on inside my heart. I am able to see again. 

Truly, God is the same yesterday, today and forever. I may not see Him always, which happens, but He is constant. He is still the Great I AM. I am never alone. 

>>Kathy 💜