Hello, readers!

Today, I will be answering again a question as part of the weekly blog series I started last week. I call this Question-Me Fridays. To recall, in this series, I will try to answer your questions, anything under the sun! It will be a fun and meaningful mental exercise. 

I will be answering this question today:

Is a year past more important than the next hour to come?

I think this answer boils down to what kind of person the question was thrown to. A person walking can either be looking ahead or looking backwards. 

For me, the next hour to come is more important that the year that passed because of one thing: my next hour will eventually become a part of a long figment of my past. So the point here is to maximize and treasure the future time we will have. And when I say future time, I am referring to the here and now and the going concern time frame as it extends to how long, only God knows. 

I am not diminishing the fact that the past is also important. Our past determines how we were. Our past dictates how strong we can become. Our past is a glimpse of how we can become in the future. Our past summarizes our decisions and choices. But come to think of it. Even before this time called now and then become a thing of the past, we have already power over what we can be or choose to be. So, in as much as we cannot alter our past, we can largely influence our past by carefully living out in the here and now and the next hours to come. 

Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. (Psalm 90:12 NIV)

Let me know your thoughts, too! Keep your questions coming!