Hello, readers!

It is Friday again! So I am answering a question again today. So the question posed to me today by my friend is:

If you will go back to one event in your life, what will it be? Why?

If I can go back to an event in my life, I will go back to the time I last talked to my mother. I will stay a little longer if I had known that it would be the last time I can laugh with her, hold her and embrace her. I will tell her how beautiful her soul is. I will stay a little while to thank her for everything she had done for me and our family. I will stay to tell her how much I love her. 

I will go back to that moment to memorize her face, memorize the sound of her laugh and memorize the curve of her lips. 

I will go back to that moment so I can tell her how strong she had molded me. I will tell her she can rest peacefully because I will be okay. I will cry for months but I will be better and stronger. 

If only I can travel back in time, I will travel towards that moment and relish everything. 

How about you? What is one moment in your life that you want to go back to? Why?