To you,

Have you ever experienced meeting someone for the first time and felt like looking onto the rest of your life? I do not know when my life halted and it began again. But this time, with another person. That was how it felt when you first looked onto my eyes. 

I don’t know when or how it occurred to me. I cannot remember that single minute when my heart first skipped a beat again. 

All I know now is that somewhere between our individual seasons colliding, 

somewhere between our conversations, 

somewhere between our prayers, 

something happened to my heart. 

I wanted to call you my first love. But I don’t want to, if I cannot be sure that you will be the last. So, I tried to delay our emotions by not granting a “yes” when you asked me to pursue a committed relationship. 

Because I want to keep our hearts intact.

Because I want to test this bond. 

Because I want to pray about it more. 

But I am sure now. I have always wanted to be with you. I think I know the answer. 

For somewhere along the time that lapsed between your question and our prayers, something happened to both of us. We learned to love each other deeply as God did. Your presence in my life reminds me everyday of God’s grace. We do not deserve each other but we were granted each other. 

And I want to keep us forever. 

Kathy ❤