The Yuletide season is already around the corner! Aside from anticipating the cool, festive air, children going around doing Christmas carols and people greeting their loved ones, one would expect the heavy load of traffic during this time due to the influx of holiday shoppers.

If you are one of those people who loves giving gifts to your loved ones, or you simply want to gift yourself this Christmas, the least you can do is to save yourself from the traffic and stress of going around malls and bazaars. So, I give to you this list of simple yet perfect Christmas gift ideas! And you can order them online!

1. Planners

For those who are hooked to planners and never failed to get one every year, this gift idea is for you! Ranging from designs like the Little Prince or to simple pastel-colored ones, name it, buy it!

Little Prince Planners • FB: • IG: @stardustlettersph

These planners come in undated formats so you don’t have to be particular about the year. You can order them at Stardust Letters! Good thing, they have an ongoing planner sale. They also do shipping also so you don’t have to worry about the hustle and bustle of going around bazaars. Just order from them, pay and wait for your planners to arrive at your doorstep!

Light Planners • FB: • IG: @stardustlettersph

Another good thing, you don’t have to order so many cups of coffee to collect stickers just to get fancy planners! What matters most is that you have saved a lot for your gifts and spend what you saved to treat someone you like over coffee. Isn’t it a romantic idea?

2. Books

Of course, we all have bookworm friends! If the sure way to get to a man’s heart is through his stomach, you would totally agree that the surest way to get to a bookworm’s heart is through books!

Pre-Loved Books ~~ FB:

If you are going for a budget-friendly shopping of gifts, you may also find these books at the Flip and Read! They are pre-loved so you would be able to get them at a much lower price than usual. After all, these books being pre-loved do not change the stories these books has to offer. After all, we should never judge a book by its cover, right?

love is blog

Pre-Loved Books ~~ FB:

If your bookworm loved one is not into the typical books or novels, or has so many books already that you cannot think of what else to give, why not try this self-published book? Love is Blog is not your ordinary book! Learn how to be kilig again with this book! You may order it directly from Dr. Eamer.

3. Fudge Brownies

Being a certified tita means preferring to send out gifts that will likely fill not only the hearts of the receivers but also their tummies!


Esther’s Sweet Shop is your online to-go bakeshop for baked goodies like these fudge brownies! You may pre-order them and voila! You have a very sweet Christmas gift for your loved ones.

4. Fancy Pens

Admit it, we all have friends who would do anything just to have various multi-colored fancy pens!

Stardust Letters have all these wide variety of fancy pens, ranging from neon colors, metallic pens and even rainbow pens! They also have calligraphy pen sets for as low as 120php! I am sure this will melt the heart of the receiver.

 5. Specialty Coffee

What other way will you warm the hearts of your loved ones during this chilly festive season by giving them something that would literally warm (and hype!) them up?

Looking for specialty coffee from the mountains of the North? Visit MK Coffee Co.! They have Classic Kape like Sagada Dark Roast and Benguet Blend. If you are the type who opts for Flavored Café-Style Kape, you may try their bestseller Hazelnut Vanilla or other varieties like Macadamia Cinnamon, Cookies n Cream and Double Chocolate. Very good gift ideas this Christmas season! Good thing, they ship to wherever you might be. ☕

So, there you go! Enjoy your Christmas shopping! Do let me know what you can add to this list! Merry Christmas!

~Kathy ❤