To The One Who Made My Heart Beat Again

A woman writing about the One who made her heart


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Hello! I am Katherine Alvarez Castro, 24 as of this writing and lives in Rizal, Philippines. I am an ambassadress of Jesus Christ but I also happened to be a certified public accountant. I own an online bakeshop called Esther’s Sweet Shop where I bake cakes and pastries for people and their occasions. I play the guitar and a little bit of piano and flute. I also sing, but mostly to myself only (HAHA!). I travel. I love to take walks. I am an introvert. I am shy. I write when I am happy. I also write when I am sad. I believe in God’s Best, in love and everything made of sugar and spice. I believe in hearts made of paper, minds made of pen, eyes made of cupcakes and ears made of piano keys. I believe in God’s promises for my life and that He works everything for good for those who love and earnestly seek Him. Happy reading! πŸ™‚

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  1. kaya pala hindi lumalabas sa reader’s feed tong blog mo, di pala kita nafollow. Pero I’m pretty sure I’ve followed you. Weird. Anyway. Kaway kaway Kath! πŸ˜€

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  2. Hi Katherine, so nice to meet you and I to like all things good.. Thank you for the follow at Faith Lives Here. I look forward to reading what He puts on your heart..

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